Saturday, 9 February 2013

Weekend - Blocks and Quilting

February 9, 2013
No football on the weekends anymore (lost my Superbowl bet with my brother!  Same bottle of wine keeps on going back and forth), so I can sew and quilt
Still quilting (30 min. at a time) on the little labyrinth quilt - doing pebbles, so it's hard on the shoulders after a while, even with reminding myself to relax.
Also trying to finish a bunch of blocks ( members from my guild would probably recognize these).  You can guess what the finished block will look like and I'll show them when I finish.  Needless to say, there are a LOT of half-square triangles - 16 for each block and they are each 3" square when trimmed.  I came up with a way to deal with all the trimming time - boring as it is....I exercise while trimming.  Every time I trim a block, I have to hold in my tummy and tuck in my backside.  It seems to be working as a plan.  And I can feel that I'm actually exercising once in a while as well!
One other item on the list for the weekend is a new ebook cover.  I made one and didn't really like it, plus I hadn't added a pocket for the cables.   At a Fabricland sale I bought 2 'last sale' drapery panels that I'm using for a new laptop bag and ebook cover and other travel items - I'll be so co-ordinated!  I had to buy the one I saw because it had huge grommets along the top so it's perfect for a bag, so then I looked for a co-ordinating one for the lining.
The green is the fabric with the grommets and it is the lining for my ebook cover.  The other piece will be a pocket on the outside for the charger and USB cord.

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