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I love listening to podcasts! I love the quilting friends I have near my home, but podcasters are quilters from around the world, so I get to hear about quilting adventures from all over and find out the ways in which we are all the same and how we differ!

 I have  nano ipod (so no screen to pick and choose from), so I charge it up when I know I’m going on a road trip by myself and load it with as many podcasts as I can.  I know some people listen to them as they work, but I can’t pay attention to a broadcast while I sew.
This site,
https://nonniequiltingdreams.wordpress.com/2016/03/04/updated-podcast-list-march-2016/ Nonnies Quilting Dreams has a list of all the quilting podcasts available.  I get mine from iTunes, but Nonnie explains how to get a podcast from the hosts website.  I think I listen to all the ones on this list.  For those of you who don’t know podcasts, the quilting ones may take some ‘getting used to’.  They are like personal journals of the quilters and sometimes the conversation goes in directions other than quilting (like to turtles!).  But once I got to ‘know’ the person broadcasting, I accepted all the varied aspects of each podcaster.  The one thing to realize is that not all podcasts are weekly – as with the rest of us, podcasters have lives of their own and sometimes there are breaks. 
The podcasts I have been listening to the longest are:
Sandy on www.quiltingfortherestofus.com Sandy loves Craftsy and often talks about all the baking, cooking and quilting courses there.  She also likes to dye fabric and is working on her graduate degree (so doesn’t podcast regularly).
Frances is http://offkilterquilt.com and is a writer as well as a quilter, a mother and a wife in North Carolina. She has just written a book called ‘Birds in the Air’ and has created quilts with that block theme.  (I’m going to look for it when I go to the States next time)
Pam is on www.hiptobeasquarepodcast.com and recently began to host a new Internet TV show on quilting with her friend, Lynn.  They live near Atlanta.  I can really recommend their show http://www.thestitchtvshow.com .  They are funny and knowledgeable and interesting!  They have also published some of their patterns.
Pat Sloan on http://toginet.com/shows/apericanpatchworkandquiltingradio - this is a fairly long show, but Pat interviews many people in the quilting world, so there’s always interesting gems on this one.
More recently, I have begun listening to http://theslightlymadquiltlady.podbean.com from New Zealand and http://www.modernsewciety.com and both of these hosts interview talented quilters so there’s lots to learn.

Well - getting back to the title for this post - EQ7!  I printed out a block on Ricky Tims Totally Stable for paper piecing this week (I like it because I don't have to tear it out) - wagon wheel.  It set up to print in 4 sections, but since I wanted it all on one page, I chose the option NOT to separate the units.  Once I had it, I began to cut it into 4 sections, but stopped after the first cut to the centre!  Why should I cut it apart, I wondered?  Couldn't I just piece the whole thing and then sew the last 2 pieces together?  Well, I did just that and it works fine, so this was a lesson to me to think about the EQ suggestions before I sew (in other words, the computer doesn't always know best!). Here are some pictures showing my steps in making this block:
Wagon wheel block printed from EQ7 and cut on one side.

Piecing - see the white fabric with edge trimmed for next piece

I fold back the pattern, trim off the little bits from the last piece

Add 1/4" past the folded edge and cut

Cutting edge helps to line up the next piece

White piece trimmed and ready

Red piece pinned for sewing

Sewing on the lines is so easy!

The last 2 wedges, both trimmed

Add caption

And it worked!  the wheel lies flat!

I sewed fusible to the front of the wheel, then sliced it and turned it to the back to fuse to the background

Completed wagon wheel

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