Monday, 22 August 2016

More Evidence for Fixing Fabric Bleeds

In my previous post I wrote about finally getting rid of the fabric bleeds from the quilt I made for my Mom.  I also tried to fix a camera bag I had made, but with no success.  But....I thought that I would try a second time and this time I agitated the bag more in the water before weighing it down with a juice bottle filled with water.  I left it a full 12 hours in the tub before rinsing it and voilà!  This time it worked!  If you look at the photos below, you can see the fabric bleed in the top one (near the button) and the one below shows that it has gone.  I love this method!  I also had to use it with some potholders I made for part of a shower gift because I had some bleed when I was taking of the quilt marking I put on one of the pieces.  Oh well - potholders are a lot easier to handle than a queen size quilt!

Before soaking
After soaking

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