Thursday, 29 October 2015

EQ7 - Quick Design with Jackie's Janome Block

Janome has come out with an idea to publish 100 quilt blocks. This is a great time to get 100 fresh new block designs, plus a chance to play with EQ7 - Electric Quilt - which I think is one of the best quilt designing computer programs available. One way to practise with EQ7 is to take a block someone has already designed, draw it up in EQ in the block design section and then try it out in a quilt.

 So I took one of Jackie White's blocks. You can see the block at Jackie's Facebook page and download the pattern from Janome. The first quilt I designed doubled the size of the blocks to 12" square and uses two borders - the quilt ends up at 82" x 94"

Fabric needed (EQ7 uses yards, not meters):
white: 1 7/8 yd.
olive green: 2 1/2 yd.
grey: 1 7/8 yd.
red: 1 yd.
brown: 1 5/8 yd. (Note: the red and brown are also used for the borders and binding)

The second quilt is only 73" x 85" with the binding (I always add a 1/2" border to simulate the binding fabric needed) and uses these fabrics:
silver: 3 7/8 yd.
light brown 1 1/2 yd.
red: 1/2 yd.
brown: 1/2 yd

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