Monday, 29 April 2013

Jackie's 3 dimensional fabric flowers

April 29, 2013

Help!  The Bloggosphere ate my post!  I wrote a lovely post this morning and it disappeared! we go again.
Monday Matters – because Spring arrived on the weekend and so I just had to work outside!  I was thrilled that I had 4 crocuses blooming, but by now I’m up to about 16.  How wonderful to go out to the brown garden and see orangey- yellow crocuses with a few purple ones spaced around.  That means that I no longer have to make fabric daffodils and crocuses.  The crocuses are up and the daffodils are only a couple of weeks away.
So that's why I'm at 'Monday Matters' instead of 'Sew Done Saturday'!
Back to my project of making 3D flowers for my garden quilt.  Using the method Jackie taught in her tutorial, I made the flowers you can see here.  

 She made hers for a lovely bouquet in a vase.  Since mine are going on a bed quilt, I made buttonholes in them so that they can come off when the quilt is laundered. 


  1. Are you a freakin' genius? I am so telling everyone that! Holy moly...can't wait to see it. Btw, how come your flowers look way more pretty than mine?

    oohh... be sure to check out the conference blog on Tuesday, I am putting up the restaurants and am soliciting people that like sushi, and seafood=)

    1. No they don't - yours were the inspiration -but thanx. The flowers are fun to make,