Saturday, 26 January 2013

Another WIP for a little boy

January 26, 2013
I really didn't think that would work!  So now I'd better take a moment to thank Jackie for motivating me to try a blog!  Actually, I almost started last fall when I found the Bloggers Quilt Festival ( online and I loved the amazing collection of quilts that the quilt bloggers sent in.  I wanted to join in!  However, at the time I couldn't find a photo of the quilt I wanted to show (Note to self:  Remember to take photos of completed quilts BEFORE you give them away!), so I didn't complete the post.
This week, on the Canadian Quilters Association blog (, members are asked to share photos of their WIPs (works in progress).  Well, being a Canadian quilter, I want to join in the fun!  Nervously, I found my non-starter blog at Google, and made a post, added a couple of photos and added my WIP to the CQA blog.
Today I'm adding another photo: This little wall quilt, basted and ready to quilt, comes from a pattern called 'Labyrinth' by Lisa Penny in the book "Pretty Little Mini Quilts" published by Lark Books in 2010.  I used fabric left over from a baby quilt for a friend's baby boy.  I'm going to make 2 little 'puppets' to stick to the quilt somehow - one for the little boy and one's for the family cat.  I think the family could have fun moving the puppets around and then challenging the little boy to move through the labyrinth to find the cat puppet.  I'm not sure how I'll do this - any ideas?

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  1. I love that pattern and the fabrics are so kid-friendly. As for sticking the puppets, what about snaps?